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"...for the Lord is good; his steadfast love endures forever, and his faithfulness to all generations." Psalm 100 (ESV)


The family is the heartbeat of all society.
Glenhaven catalyzes communities where children and families can thrive.

All of us experience crisis, from financial to medical, personal to relational. Many of us rely on our families or communities in these times of need. Others suffer crisis in isolation, where situations all too easily go from bad to worse.

When families with children endure crises on their own, the results are often devastating. Relationships crumble, issues escalate, and hope disappears. In the worst cases, the State steps in, placing children in the whirlwind of foster care. And these “worst cases” occur far too frequently in Arkansas—averaging 11 placements every single day.

But what happens when the Church answers the call to care for children and families in crisis? Families find a safety net in the faith-based community that meets them where they are and loves them. They receive compassion, resources, and guidance as they walk through their difficulties, discovering restoration along the way! Glenhaven provides structure and expertise for the Church to fulfill this mission.

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  • children with one or no parents

    Nearly half of Arkansas children (44%) live in homes with just one or no parents.

  • Children in poverty

    More than one in four Arkansas children (29%) lives in poverty.

  • Children with diagnosed conditions

    More than one in five Arkansas children (22%) are diagnosed with emotional, behavioral, or developmental conditions.

  • Statistics from www.KidsCount.org.

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